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Our Team

Neeme Tõnisson, MD, PhD

Activity Leader, University of Tartu

He has a long-term experience from personalised prevention and “genetics first” type implementation projects, access to Estonian Biobank databases and infrastructure. He works as a senior group leader in University of Tartu and is a professor of clinical genetics. In addition, he is the president of Estonian Society of Human Genetics and a Board Member of Estonian Medical Association.

Peeter, Berit, Tınis - ametiportree

Peeter Padrik, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Antegenes

Peeter Padrik, MD, PhD - He has a long-term experience in leadership and management in healthcare and clinical oncology; leadership and experience in personalised prevention implementation projects. He is leading clinical oncologist in Estonia, former Director of the Cancer Center, Tartu University Hospital. He is the founder and CEO of Antegenes.

Oliivika Zeiger

Project manager, University of Tartu

Magda Rosenmöller, MD, PhD

Professor, IESE Business School

She has competence of healthcare economics in Europe, supports the development of business concept and implementation of novel services in Europe. She is a professor in a leading business school.

Kellie Harkin

IESE Business School

Inna Feldman, PhD

Health Economist, Uppsala University

She has experience in implementation of reimbursed healthcare services and cost-effectiveness evaluations in healthcare. She is a senior health economist at Uppsala County Council and associate professor at Uppsala University.


Krista Kruuv-Käo, MD, MSc

Business Development Manager, Antegenes

Her responsibility is the business development of Antegenes. Starting from the successful establishment and management of the population-based Estonian Biobank, she has been involved in the development of personalized medicine for 20 years. The latest project she directed was the “Clinical pilot projects of personalized medicine in the precise prevention of breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases” carried out in 2018-2021. Up to the present, this was the largest personalized medicine implementation study performed in the European healthcare system. Krista has graduated from the University of Tartu as a medical doctor.

Kristiina Ojamaa, MD

Head of the Hematology and Oncology Clinic, Tartu University Hospital

Sander Pajusalu, MD

Head of the Genetics and Personalized Medicine Clinic, Tartu University Hospital

Anni Lepland

Luis Costa

Director of Oncology Department, North Lisbon University Hospital Centre

Ana Mafalda Sousa de Carvalho

Kärt Sõber

Specialist, Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Kärt Sõber works from November 2021 as a specialist in the Primary Care Department in Tervisekassa (Estonian Health Insurance Fund). Her main field of work is currently cancer screening programs and she is also involved in the personalised medicine topics. She has a background in genetic engineering and laboratory research, but has also worked in the Ministry Social Affairs on Public Health topics, including communicable diseases, vaccination and COVID-19.

Filipa Sampaio, PhD

Health Economist, Uppsala University

Filipa Sampaio, health economist, PhD. Filipa works at Uppsala County Council and is a researcher and associate professor at the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences at Uppsala University. She has experience with economic evaluation of interventions in health and healthcare.

Andreas Karakatsanis, MD, PhD, FEBS

Senior Consultant Breast Surgeon, Uppsala University Hospital

Board member for the Swedish society for breast surgery, Board member of the Breast Division of the UEMS and Associate Editor for the European Journal of Surgical Oncology.

Ildiko Herenyik

Medical Innovation Manager, GE Healthcare

Andrea Bagoly

External Funding Manager, GE Healthcare