BRIGHT Project Conference in Lisbon, Portugal

Conference „The Importance of Early Screening for Breast Cancer“

On May 15, a public event of the BRIGHT project about breast cancer in young women will take place in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon. The event is aimed at the entire hospital community, key stakeholders in Portuguese healthcare, healthcare organizations, members of academia, patient associations, and the general public.

The purpose of the BRIGHT (Be RIGHT with breast cancer risk management) project is to test the channels and organization of the implementation of precision breast cancer screening based on genetic risks in the healthcare system of European countries. The goal is to identify a higher risk of breast cancer in young women who are still under 50 years old with a new genetic test. Based on the test results, it is possible to tailor screening and interventions according to that risk. The BRIGHT project is financed by EIT Health and the project takes place in Sweden, Portugal and Estonia.

Conference schedule:

14:30 Prof. Ana Paula Martins, Chairman of the Board of Directors – Opening of the Event

14:40 Prof. Luís Costa, Director Dpt. Oncology  – Breast Cancer in the Young Woman; a Portuguese Perspective 

15:00 Dr Peeter Padrik, CEO Antegenes – Development of breast cancer polygenic risk score test AnteBC and breast cancer precision prevention 

15:30 Prof. Neeme Tõnisson, Clinical Genetics, University of Tartu – Overview of BRIGHT project. How to approach the hereditary breast cancer in precision prevention? 

15:45 Q&A and Coffee Break 

16:00 Tamara Milagre, EVITA – Contribution to early-onset breast cancer prevention and research – Platform EVITA

16:15 Portuguese League Against Cancer – Breast Cancer Screening in Portugal 

16:35  Presentation of the Portuguese BRIGHT Project Team  

16:40 Q&A and Wrap Up 

The event is being recorded and can be viewed later here: